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Games in which you can earn real money

Games in which you can earn real money
Online games are not one and two years. They are known to a wide audience of Internet users. Many people in their free time hang out in these toys and have a pleasant time playing and getting real money. Today we will talk about the most reliable and relatively old projects that have proven to be stable and fair games in which you can earn real money.

If you have a desire not only to have fun in your spare time, but also to earn serious money, you should definitely take care of registration in the payment system Payeer. Registration will take only ten minutes, but in the future it will save time and money in the form of interest.

Besides this payment system, financial operations can be carried out using Qiwi, Yandex Money, Webnoney or a bank card. The difference will consist in the charged commission and time of receipt of funds from/to the game account.

Absolutely in any of the presented games for money you can get good winnings, provided that you will actively play and develop your account.

How to start earning real money in games

To start earning in online games you can choose one of the options. It all depends on your diligence, determination, material and time capabilities.

The first way implies investing real money in the game in order to quickly develop and further increase the capital. It is a simple and effective method that does not require much time and allows you to quickly achieve results.

The second way is suitable for those who do not want to invest their own money in the game. It is quite time-consuming, but it is no less interesting. Let's take a closer look at how to start the game to earn money without investing:

Let's go directly to the games that make money and find out what to do and how everything works.

The best online games for real money without investment

The games I selected where you can earn real money have proven to be reliable and stable services that clearly pay out money to their players for several years.

You may notice that the principle of the game, among the selected number of game projects, is quite similar. And it is indeed so. However, each game for real money has its own features and nuances, which are worth mentioning.

Well! Let's begin to analyze the main characteristics and remarkable features of top games where you can earn money.

1 Golden Mines 

On the first line of the rating is a rightfully located online game where you can win money Golden Mines. This project was created in 2014 and continues to work successfully to this day. Every day hundreds of new users are registered on the site. The player's task: to hire hardworking dwarves who will produce gold in the min.

Referral and the interest in it 30%.

Payments Yandex Money, QIWI, Payeer.

2 Rich Birds 

The online game on which you can earn money Rich-Birds during its existence has found a huge number of fans. More and more people are giving preference to money birds that lay "golden eggs". The project has been working for more than five years and consistently pays the players.

Referral and the interest on it 5–30%.

Payments Payeer, Yandex Money, QIWI, Visa, MasterCard, cell phone.

3 Колхоз 

Earn on the farm Kolkhoz Funny game to earn money Kolkhoz, where the player will be engaged in farming and raising various livestock, which will bring dividends.

Referral and the interest on it 30%.

Payments Payeer, Yandex Money, QIWI, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, on cell phone.

4 Taxi Money 

Is incredibly close to reality. This game project is incredibly functional and interesting. Here you will turn into a cab worker and feel on your own skin like earning a cab driver.

Referral and the interest on it 7–30%.

Payments Payeer, QIWI, Visa, MasterCard, Yandex Money.

5 Golden Tea 

Earn online at Golden Tea Simple, but quite exciting and interesting online games for which you can get money, wins the hearts of players for over three years. Its fans at the moment have become more than two million people from around the world.

Referral and the interest on it 10%.

Payments QIWI, Yandex Money, Visa, MasterCard, Payeer, Bitcoin.

6 Chikens Farm 

Online project Chickens Farm offers online games with the withdrawal of money you to engage in breeding hens and earn on the sale of eggs. The project has been working for over five years and during this time has gathered an army of fans in 1.5 million players. Throughout this long time online game steadily pays off the money you earn.

Referral and the interest on it 20%.

Payments Payeer, Yandex Money.

7 Money Birds 

Another cool game for which you can get money with the birds, which is very similar to Rich Birds. Behind an incredible similarity hides a refined functionality and an advanced system of rewards. An important feature of this project is the cost of the birds, which is half as low.

Referral and the interest on it 7%.

Payments Payeer, Yandex Money, QIWI, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, on cell phone.

8 Super Birds 

The game Super Birds Another attractive project about the Super Birds, which can surprise you and bring a lot of dividends. The game to earn money on the Internet, though similar to the game projects, which was said, still has its own features.

Referral and the interest on it 20%.

Payments Payeer, Yandex Money, QIWI, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, on a cell phone.

How else can you make money on games

Each online game with which you can withdraw money, presented here, has a referral program. The essence is to attract new players to the game and get a percentage of the winnings of friends. From game to game interest may vary. You can get acquainted with the conditions of the program in the section "Referrals".

In order to recruit friends in your team, you need to take your unique link and distribute it on third-party resources, advertise.

When you click on your link and subsequent registration, the user becomes your referral and will continue to bring money. Some games to earn money offer quite a good percentage, as well as several levels of referrals. That is, you will receive money not only for your partners, but also for players attracted by your friends.

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